Macintosh PRO LONG WEAR SMASHBOX And Basis STUDIO Pores And Skin Basis THE SAME?

MAC PRO LONG WEAR FOUNDATION AND SMASHBOX STUDIO SKIN FOUNDATION THE SAME? Today i had been doing my normal makeup routine by adding checking out my new mac pro long wear concealer. I used it with the building blocks i was attempting to complete off which was my studio epidermis basis from smashbox. After i was applying my concealer, i pointed out that the concealer and the foundation had the exact same smell! From this moment i grabbed the containers which they emerged in (so pleased i keep all my makeup containers) and examined the ingredients. Enough Surprisingly, these were 90% the same!

So then i went to google and appeared up the ingredients for the pro long wear foundation and it was 99% exactly like the smashbox studio room skin base! Although, the thing that might cause you to decide which one you should get is through the comparison of the purchase price, color selection and sunlight protection it offers.

56. Well thats not a massive difference however Mac does offer 22 shades that have cool warm and neutral shades whilst smashbox only offers 12 shades which are all warm toned. If you cannot find your shade in the mac you can test smashbox or the other way around. As well as the last thing would be that the Mac base has spf 10 whilst the Smashbox one has spf 15 which again isn’t a large difference.

The LOVE shape is main appeal for the merchandise that i couldn’t agree more. The price tag on RM 49 is pretty amazing as we can benefit from the same quality of the merchandise as Too Faced includes pretty packaging. Makeup Revolution is a UK makeup brand and has set up their own website in Malaysia.

  • Our hydrating line is packed with hyaluronic acid
  • Helps to cure and soothe many pores and skin irritations, such as eczema, psoriasis, dried out/rough epidermis
  • 6 years ago from United States
  • To make a primer, serecite mica functions by itself

The products are available to be purchased just with one click. Swatch of the highlighter. It has pink undertone and can be described as champagne color . Personally I love the sheen given with no chunky glitters on the face. As the majority of budget highlighter wouldn’t normally give this high quality outcome as most of them have tone of glitters, chunk glitters, chalky, insufficient sheen, boring absence and color of pigmentation.

Some highlighter would makes your skin pores look obvoiues and noticeable however, not with this highlighter. It generally does not make your pores look visible. Texture: Glides effortlessly onto the skin . The structure is so buttery rather than chalky at all. Quality smart is more into high-end quality. Recommended brush to be used with the merchandise: Fan brush / tapered brush.

Overall, the design is the declaration of the merchandise. It is worthy of to be possessed by everyone. I wish Makeup Revolution would bring more tones in the foreseeable future such as yellowish undertone sheen, golden sheen as well as the wonderful nylon color. Wish they might bring more highlighters in the foreseeable future.