Pixie Hollow’s Rebirth?

Update 2016: PIXIE HOLLOW IS Back! Yes you learn that right! This time I actually went out and took a break from every part, together with the blog.. So right this moment, as you possibly can see, I have a model new publish for you my pixies! Ok so , back to the topic now! I know that everyone is really unhappy about Pixie Hollow Closing down..

Despite being “burnt” down , Pixie Hollow has really revived by its ashes! D That’s what I meant by it “Rebirth”. Still… Maybe not as a complete, but that’s the place the shattered pieces part is available in! I’ve observed everywhere (properly nearly in all places..) in the net, little components of our favourite sport, and at the moment I’m going to introduce them to you! I know how a lot you miss our beloved Pixie Hollow, so these “pieces” a.okay.a games, will give you a bit of the feeling, wich that game used to provide you with …. I’m in the very blissful place to say that for the reason that beggining of summer season 2016 FairyABC -Pixie Hollow’s Recreation- works once again and Pixie Hollow is REVIVED/Back !

In that case this submit might be super helpful to get you began! On the weblog’s main web page you can too find the latest updates for the sport! It is a video, I found simply in the present day, since I really had reduce off most connections with any Pixie Hollow associated stuff these months… . Although I kinda didn’t make my avatar the appropriate size so I’m a bit ….

Therefore I believe you guys should unfold the phrase! They are actually organising a occasion on May seventeenth! I decided to do some assessment of this little model of PH! Now..i won’t lie to you…don’t count on this to be like Pixie Hollow as we knew it. But I tried making my own world there too,(not a fairy -one although 😛 ) and i can guarantee you it needs too much laborious work to make one.

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Anyways, again to the review. First things first, Ethereal Spark has made an important job creating all the meadows and utilizing the identical soundtrack for them as the one used in the sport! Awesome, you go girl! However the bad information is that you simply can’t actually personal a fairy home,it only exists there as a place and all of the fairy properties are form of..

However, you possibly can always create your personal fairy room in your personal world! D And you may not be capable to play the identical video games as in PH, but that could be an excessive amount of to ask anyways 😛 ! So that’s just about it, I’ll allow you to discover the remainder for your self! D Everyone also can remark below and perhaps propose some issues Ethereal Spark could attempt adding in, in the game, and i shall contact her and let her know!

I believe most individuals already know this by now but “Harvest Hustle” considered one of Pixie Hollow’s minigames is again! How awesome is that ? So this one, had caused fairly an uproar and excitement again when Pixie Hollow had closed down. It is no apart from -as most of us name it- “The Asian /Chinese Pixie Hollow”, although its title in Chinese is actually translated as “Litlle Flower Fairy” .

Now this is probably not Pixie Hollow, however a Chinese recreation that has many frequent features with out Pixie Hollow. It is definitely really cool from what I’ve been advised and from what I’ve seen in videos my associates recorded, however personally after i tried to play it I HAD NO Idea WHAT WAS Going on. That is after all no marvel since..erm the sport is in Chinese and I’d communicate English,..

French and Greek.. but I don’t speak any Chinese so… I was totally lost there.. Despite that in case you are Chinese, or communicate Chinese you should undoubtedly give it a try! D And if you’re a fan of Manga and Anime you will certainly find this cute! Otherwise, you could go through the difficulty of watching some tutorials on how it works..however that’s gonna be a bit tiring !