Leg Pain Cause & Treatment

Leg pain is thought as a sense of pain or uneasiness along with aching in the knee, varying from moderate to severe strength. Upper knee pain is pain from him to knees anywhere. Lower leg pain is the pain extending from the knee to foot. A pain in leg could originate in joint parts like hip joint, knee joint, or ankle joint.

When the pain is in leg joints, it could arise from bone fragments, ligaments, or tendons. It can also arise from injury to muscles or nerves. Venous stasis and phlebitis can also cause pain in legs. Sometimes the pain can be referred from as in the case of Sciatica back, where the pain extends down the leg from lower back or hips down thighs and calf muscles. A rare case is pain in the phantom-limb, whenever a person feels pain in the part of the limb that has been amputated.

Leg muscle pain is described as aching and cramping in the muscles of the hip and legs. It really is a common problem which can involve a number of than one muscle at the same time. Muscle pain can also involve surrounding tissues. Musculoskeletal disorder is the major problem now days whose impact upon the individual’s standard of living established fact. Arthritis – includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

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Injury – can lead to damage to bone, cartilage, and ligament which can lead to severe calf pain. Sprain- Due to sudden unnatural movements causes leg pain. Overuse – Overuse of joint can cause bursitis which eventually leads to joint pain in legs. Infection – Any type or kind of infection to the joints may lead to leg pain.

Deep vein thrombosis – Condition in which there’s a blood coagulum in the deeper veins of knee, causes leg pain. Venous cause – includes phlebitis and venous compression. Calcium Deficiency – in Osteomalacia, Osteoporosis, and Rickets can distress in long bones of legs also. Growth pains – Young children’s problem of pain in the hip and legs often. Such pain is usually due to stretching of bones and tissue as part of ‘growing’.

Pain in leg muscles can derive from calcium or sodium deficiency and from dehydration. Such pain is cramping in nature. Vague muscle ache can derive from hypothyroidism and myopathy. Injury or trauma – any type or kind of injury to the muscle can cause mild to severe muscle aching. Overuse or overstretching – causes damage to the muscle fibers.

Polio – triggered due to disease from poliovirus has special affinity for nerves. Malaria – parasitic an infection in which there is certainly muscle pain with high fever and intense chill. Myopathy – it is a disease of muscles where there is aching of muscles along with weakness. Hyperthyroidism – with muscular weight and weakness reduction.