Using The MVC Framework

Previously in traditional ASP, the code was cluttered and there was no clear and simplified manner in which the benefits of object-oriented programming could be taken to the web. In addition, there is no clear parting between your display layer and business logic, making maintenance of code a huge issue. This new platform allowed the creation of what were called web forms (basically .aspx webpages) that allowed the real code (or the business reasoning) to be separated from the presentation, allowing each to be improved cleanly.

The new .NET framework changed the real way web applications were built by introducing the function-driven model. Properly crafted .NET applications enable a three tiered approach to web development. The data layer usually mimics the fundamental database structure by creating appropriate classes. The business layer manipulate these classes using the exposed interfaces. As well as the presentation layer merely focuses on what to display.

The individual elements of the webpages like text boxes and lists produced their beliefs from the business reasoning. Historically, this is nothing at all new as the MVC model was developed in the 70s. However, with its formal approval into the .NET programming model (, and more specifically, into Visual Studio), it is attaining wide acceptance in these circles. This went against the way the web fundamentally works.

Using the MVC framework, this has changed into a far more flexible and loosely coupled strategy. It’s a little difficult to explain the actual methodology used here. However, the basic idea is that each URL corresponds for an action instead of a specific webpage. The controller that is sitting down on the server part, responds to each request by breaking down the URL and deciding what to do to which object. This enables more friendly URLs for readability purposes.

The controller simply talks about the URL and chooses to send back view with calls for it’s data from the model. Together, these components form a sort of Triangle that creates a different manner in which applications interact with each other. The MVC framework can be quite confusing for those who are used to the earlier .NET reforms and cannot see the dependence on any change in the way .NET should work. However, for those who are migrating from other programming dialects like PHP, the MVC construction should prove simpler to understand and find out.

These specialized doorways tend to be installed and rarely used. That’s why it’s important to employ a quality door that will open up in case of crisis, or when roof maintenance is necessary. Proper locking mechanisms are important for roof hatches to avoid break-in as well as easy exit in emergency for code conformity in commercial buildings. Most commercial buildings have loading docks for shipping and receiving of goods.

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