Fisher College Of Business

The Fisher College of Business Full-Time MBA program provides high-caliber learning experiences that maximize the potential of each college student. Enriched with skills assessments, individualized training, a personalized curriculum, and on-site opportunities to place theory into practice, the redesigned MBA program cultivates career competencies that are highly sought by employers today.

Fisher has changed the Full-Time MBA experience to generate the business leaders of tomorrow. Fisher’s Full-Time MBA pupil trip is more individualized, experiential, and included than ever before. The flexible curriculum – led by experts from a variety of core disciplines – incorporates immersive, cross-functional projects for top organizations and companies in Columbus, Ohio, and globally.

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  2. Increase your professional contacts, knowledge and experience
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  5. Determine the necessity for outsourcing support

Your education expands significantly beyond the class thanks to academic, corporate and business, and non-profit partnerships for the Ohio State University campus, in the capital city of Columbus – home to one of the best concentrations of Fortune 1000 businesses. Fisher doesn’t stop at Ohio’s borders. The MBA program offers students a worldwide experience. The Fisher culture and varied students are a key part of our impressive ranks. The full-time MBA program tailors each student’s trip to individual development career and needs dreams. It’s an intimate learning experience within a thorough, research-based university.

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