Solutions On How To Recover Files From RAW Drive & Convert RAW To NTFS

Data inside my 1.5TB exterior HDD becomes inaccessible due to unknown reasons. I tried to format it but I ended because I remember I have some important documents inside. Now it shows as RAW HDD. I wish to convert RAW to NTFS without data loss. That is definitely that you can convert RAW external HDD to NTFS without data reduction. This article will tell exterior hard drive data recovery when it has RAW document system.

If you want to convert RAW to NTFS using its data back, you should recover data and then format the RAW drive to NTFS first. RAW recovery freeware provides the best solution to revive lost files like photos, videos, music, documents, emails etc from RAW file system. It is capable of recovering documents from an external HDD, hard disk drive, USB adobe flash drive, pen drive, memory credit card, and other devices.

Firstly, reunite data inside the external HDD with RAW recovery software step by step. Step one, download install, and start the software. Choose one recovery module. Step two, choose the RAW external HDD, and start to look for the data inside. Third step, evaluate the quality of found data and recover them if you are satisfied. Tip: avoid conserving the recovered documents to the RAW external. Because you finished the step above, you can format the external HDD to convert its document system from RAW to NTFS. Choose the document system.

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Choose the document system. A number of converting software may help you change the RAW file system to NTFS as well. 1. My GM SATA 160GB exterior HDD was attacked by a computer virus when I placed it to my PC. Now all data files and folder inside this drive can’t be looked at and the document system of the drive is RAW. Is it possible to change RAW to NTFS? 2. I partitioned my external hard drive, and one partition works fine while the other the first is inaccessible. Disk management does identify it as RAW drive. I am wanting to change the drive into NTFS so that Windows can access it back. 3. My storage credit card is not accessible with RAW format error. MAY I get lost files back again?

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