Are You A Fitness Junkie?

Are You a Fitness Junkie? How are you fairing in the overall game of life? Do you have balance? Are you a fitness junkie? I have recently re-entered your competition world of bodybuilding after going for a break for 18 months. I never halted training nor did I fall off the wagon with my nutrition.

I deviated a little bit, but the truth is, I had taken a hiatus from the real stage just. At first, I had been asked frequently when was I doing another competition quite? My response was that I needed no plans in the immediate future because the truth was just that, I had no idea.

  • Viral or bacterial infection
  • Talk to your doctor in what dose is right for you
  • 2 main reason for physical fitness
  • 1/2 cup tofu = 1 gram of fiber
  • Low-Carb Vs
  • Autoimmune medical disorders like arthritis rheumatoid or lupus
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) and
  • Cramped or small handwriting

It wasn’t always a well-planned break, it just happened kinda. I was concentrating on other things in my life. I like to dabble in things if you will. I learned how to sew after I was 12 years of age and decided to try to jump back into a childhood hobby. It offered a dual purpose as I hate having my hair in my own face while I am training therefore I made a decision to give it a whirl.

I make sure they are from scratch without any help, market them, designed my website and process the purchases all. It’s not a huge business, and I certainly need and want to spend additional time marketing them but it’s about balance again. A chance was taken by me. I work full-time in a demanding career. I have two teens. Life is occupied with sports, college search for my older, academics & kid’s part-time jobs, etc. I have a substantial other and many house animals, all of whom I love spending time with. I have a household to perform which includes daily chores, yard work, general bills, and upkeep to pay.

This is not much different than most folks. You then add in training. I like to train. I love to be healthy. But it all does take time. It all will take money. You can turn into a fitness junkie. Competing provides another coating upon my already busy life. It is a selection.

It is part of my lifestyle, but it isn’t my entire presence. It generally does not define who I am. It really is one little bit of the puzzle that makes me who I am. There is a difference. Year I have already been more cognizance of this over the last. Balance is important. We get one shot at living our life and I don’t want to have regrets of what I wish I would have done.