This Palette Impressed Me The Most

I was rummaging through my makeup collection and found my Sleek Makeup palettes, I totally forgot I needed these. But I remembered why I aside pushed them, as it wasn’t whatever I thought it could have been, especially given that they were a little pricey and I have to say that their black packaging was an instantaneous catch.

So I’ve 3 Eyeshadow palettes and two Blush by 3 palettes, and truthfully I think the partnership between Sleek and myself may unfortunately be over as I was not impressed by their palettes. This palette is Sleek’s most brightly neon-colored eyeshadow. It contains 12 shades without names to them and truthfully it isn’t anything I thought it could have been.

I discovered that the matte-neon-hued shades are really chalky which helps prevent the actual color in the palette showing through to your eyes, regardless of what primer you use. To get them to show (as in my pics) I had fashioned to heavily pack on the eyeshadow, which will be a bit too much if it was on my eyes. However the frosted, shimmery shades are divine, as the textures are creamy and buttery and the color pay back is fantastic. This palette includes 12 warm colors, hence the name Sunset.

It is incredibly pigmented seeing that all shades are frosted and shimmery, except the black, which really is a satin-matte. All the other colors are creamy in consistency, almost like butter, so much sometimes it crumbles and the color pay is amazing off. Unlike the Acid palette I did so not need to pack on the shadow.

This palette impressed me the most, I believe in my opinion may be one of their finest palettes. The only thing I wished for is that it had names to the shades. For the packaging Sleek areas that these are intensely pigmented matte and shimmer blushers and it could be layered to achieve the desired look. I’m not going to say I don’t like it, but I don’t love it either, the matte shades come off a little chalky again. There are 2 matte shades on both ends and a shimmer bronze-like shade in the center. Now this palette is firmly about orange. The two 2 shades at the ends are 2 different shades of orange, one plain orange, the other a coral-orange shade, the guts shade is a shimmery highlighter like shade.

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