Who Is AN EXCELLENT Candidate For Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Doctors in Los Angeles and throughout the country are now agreeing to the gastric sleeve surgery as a reliable treatment for morbid weight problems. Although new relatively, it has been gaining in popularity relative to more established procedures such as the gastric bypass and the Lap-Band. For the right applicants, gastric sleeve is a robust tool to assist in efforts to reduce and keep off additional weight. Are You a Candidate for Gastric Sleeve?

Not all obese people qualify for the gastric sleeve. There are a few criteria that must definitely be fulfilled before an individual is approved for surgery. Generally, gastric sleeve surgery is indicated for obese adults – that is morbidly, people between 18 and 65 with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher.

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People with a body-mass index of 35 – 235 pounds for a 5-foot-9-inch adult – can also meet the criteria. Usually, this requires at least one additional health problem related to obesity. Some common weight-related health issues include diabetes, rest apnea, hypertension, asthma, and joint pain. You must also be able to deal with the physical stress of surgery.

Some folks have health complications that produce major surgery very risky. In some cases, these problems stem from obesity itself, and some initial weight loss can improve the health of the patient enough for surgery. Psychological readiness is another essential aspect. Gastric sleeve entails a series of dramatic lifestyle changes, which may be nerve-racking or cause unexpected reactions. Getting the right attitude toward food, exercise, and health is important, and most major insurance companies require a psychological consultation within the pre-operative evaluation process. MAY I get pregnant after gastric sleeve? For a wholesome and safe being pregnant, you should wait at least 18 months for your weight to stabilize before conceiving a child.

Most women can have a baby after a gastric sleeve surgery. However, following the surgery, your system will proceed through a complete great deal of challenging changes. Just how much does gastric sleeve surgery cost? 14.900, but it can vary from state to state widely. Since 2010 many insurance companies cover the costs of gastric sleeve surgery as a primary weight loss method, so make sure you check with your insurer. Is Gastric Sleeve safe? Yes, it has been confirmed that gastric sleeve surgery is a safe and effective procedure for slimming down.

Being one of the most recent and approved surgeries for weight reduction it offers quickly caught the interest of physicians and patients. What exactly is the post-gastric sleeve problems? The post-gastric sleeve problems are very rare. However, the most serious ones are bleeding, stomach leak, blood clots, wound illness, stomach abscess, stenosis, and tummy obstruction.

Who qualifies for gastric sleeve? For a patient to qualify for gastric sleeve surgery, she or he must have been obese for at least three years, with a physical body mass index of 40 or more, and other morbidity related medical conditions. At Marina Del Rey Hospital, we’ve the best-in-class bariatric surgeons as well as state-of-the-art technology. Our medical director is Dr. Korman, an award-winning weight reduction surgeon. Other highly trained and well-known doctors of our weight-loss program are Dr. Mona Misra focusing on the STARR treatment, the single-incision weight loss surgery and Dr. Sergey Lyass trained in robotic bariatric surgery.

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