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Just a reminder, this is My estimation. Yours may be different. You may have a different opinion totally. Please, no hate notes in the replies. What can I say about The Engine 2 Cookbook? Today I know this reserve was just released, but I pre-ordered it. My paper version is on the UPS truck but the Kindle version I could download when I woke up this morning. First off, I’m disappointed in a number of ways.

The “coaches” on the Engine 2 Seven-Day Diet Facebook community assured everyone that the recipes are all new. They’re not. From “Our Hummus” that was featured in the original Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease book to the Sweet Fire Sauce that was in the 7-Day Rescue book, there are extensive dishes that are repeated. Many are exact word for word of the initial ones, a few are the same formula with maybe one ingredient different or a different quantity.

For example, a great deal of recipes that demand red bell peppers now say “ancient sugary red peppers” with the ordinary red bells as another. Esseslstyn Prevent and Reverse CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE food plan cannot eat, like nut products, seeds, and natural sugars, like maple syrup (and I didn’t even go through the desserts yet!).

Of course, people following McDougall MWLP or AJ’s UWL can’t eat these, either, nor should any McDougaller trying to lose weight or manage a medical condition. And once again, instructions in some of you are informed by the recipes to cook various food stuffs until very sharp, hard as a rock. I’ve no idea how those people’s tooth can stand things like Mestemacher breads triple toasted, or baked oatmeal prepared so strong you can “knock on the crust for luck,” as one formula in this publication says.

Another peeve some 130-quality recipes aren’t really quality recipes. For instance, Banana Butter on page 103 orders you to peel and chop a banana and spread it like butter on some of the various dessert breads. Fire Roasted Corn tells you to damp ears of corn and put them over a fire on the barbecue barbeque grill.

Best Damn Fries tell you to cut Yukon Gold Potatoes into fry shape and roast them in the range. Oh, seriously now! Pita potato chips, corn-potato chips, taco shells, roasted peppers – each its own recipe, every part of the count number. We’re now down to significantly less than 100 actual recipes in this book.

Maybe, even significantly less than 50 if you want to count the number only new, never before published ones. Tex-Mex as well as the Acid Queen strike again. Yes, many of the recipe require sriracha, cholera, or other hot, spicy sauces or hot peppers. This was one of my problems with early meals by Mary McDougall, too. And you can see Ann Esselstyn’s influence in every the vinegar and citric juices as ingredients in quality recipes.

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I’m not just a fan of either. If you are, you will not be disappointed. Each one of these gripes and I’m only up to web page 130 perusing this publication on my Kindle! Up to now I haven’t seen one recipe I would even attempt to make, but I haven’t even hit the Salads or Main Dishes yet.

I still have hope, this reserve will redeem itself. Okay, if someone was VERY not used to the whole food flower centered eating and needed transitional foods and never bought any cookbooks or viewed any meals on-line, this might offices be a good beginner’s book. But even if you have a rudimentary knowledge of how to cook this real way, or own every other Engine 2 publication, you shall be as disappointed as I am. Time to go get the laundry on.