Rejuva Minerals Pur’ Lips Lipstick Review

Like the many other products and brands we often discuss here at The Natural Beauty Blog, Rejuva Minerals is one of our all time favorite brands. Rejuva Minerals and some of the cleanest and healthiest makeup on the marketplace and their products are not something you will feel anxious to use on a regular basis. This Lipstick Was Featured on Our 5 Best Natural and organic Lipsticks Article. Rejuva is an EWG Verified brand with many of their products, meaning items like the loose foundation and their lipstick have passed ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Working Group’s strict criteria for safe makeup and personal care products.

What also makes this brand so special is they have a page on their website that completely discloses every single ingredient they use in their products. A lot of their products sport the Made Safe seal as well also. This means this third party company to ensure they contain any behavioral toxins never, endocrine disruptors, fire retardants, heavy metals, neurotoxins, or any type or kind of pesticides has screened all of the ingredients they use in their products. And lastly, the popular application called Think Dirty, has rated Rejuva minerals as one of the top best organic and natural makeup companies in the industry today.

Think Dirty is comparable to the EWG Skin Deep data source and has rated popular products and brands relating to their degree of protection. The only drawback we have with Rejuva Minerals is that they don’t have a return policy. In the event that you obtain their website, you aren’t able to return your product if you don’t enjoy it or if they color of lipstick, basis, or eyeliner is not what you desired or were anticipating.

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This may present a disadvantage for some individuals and could be the largest concern with finding your perfect basis match. However, they actually offer extensive matching services on the website and offer test sizes for a lesser price which means you can try out colors before your commit to paying for a complete container or container. Overall, this is a comparatively minor disadvantage for an organization that produces such clean and high-quality natural makeup! In this review, we will take a further take a look at their Pur’ Lip Lipstick.

It will come in four pretty pink shades that can fit virtually any taste and skin tone. Pur’ Lips Lipstick is a super clean and healthy lipstick you may use on a regular basis and never have to worry about. This lipstick is preferred by Dr. Mercola, who is notorious for his incredibly strict with his natural living recommendations. This lipstick is 61.65% organic, which is very high for a lipstick.

You won’t find any parabens, soy, GMO substances, or gluten in their products as well, including this lipstick as well. Pur’ Lip is vegan and colored with 100 % pure and natural minerals and fruit rather than harmful FD&C dyes and carmine. Obviously, all their four colors are EWG Verified and rated as “clean” in the Think Dirty app. Their pipes are BPA and phthalate-free and the containers their products are delivered in are 50% recycled.