SUCH AS THIS Pageant Director

Last night’s episode of Toddlers & Tiaras really illuminated why child beauty pageants may not be the best environment for girls. Bad reasoning exhibited by people in charge. Like this pageant director, who said of the industry, “If Donald Trump believes in it, then it’s gotta be good.” Then how does that explain his hair?

It’s an extremely calming and zen-like view for the makeup designer, hairstylist, and clients. Day and to look her most beautiful I wanted was to be relaxed on her wedding. Before makeup, our happy, happy bride radiated the aura of the blooming bride-to-be already. After hair and makeup, my bride looks like a princess. I love a variety of browns and peaches on her, since her theme colors were red and black. I gave the entourage liberty to play with their makeup but for my bride, I let her stay classic and fresh, my signature bridal look. Of course, we have falsies there to open up the eyes.

  • Serums/ Facial Oils
  • Dietary triggers such as chocolate and peanuts
  • Do NOT BE EXPECTANT OF Instant Results
  • A shimmery yellow gold/bronze
  • Store the rest of the mixture in a refrigerator

I used natural-looking falsies on her behalf and I blended it with mascara. The makeup I did on her I used the airbrush technique, which she loved. While at the wedding car, Wap explained the whole story of their wedding preps, just how many years in the making the programs were and how they waited for the right time and place their wedding would be.

A touching tale would be how she got friends and classmates who flew in all the way from the province to be with her on her wedding day. She got married on a weekday and her friends actually had taken leaves from work, which was sweet really. Also, her bridal gown was a gift from her younger sister who was based on the continuing states.

She never fit it, and her big day was the first time she used it. And it fits effectively! Prepared to march down the aisle? And who’s singing the wedding march? Nobody but the groom! Wap told me that this was one of her demands, that she march with him singing her wedding march.

I covered her makeup too with waterproof makeup, since Wap explained she will get emotional. Following the ceremony, I showed her with a mirror her makeup. Back at the hotel pre-reception pictorial. Wap with her lovely sister Tulip, who’s her maid of honor. I grabbed some pictures from her record, by the way, since I didn’t have many pictures come reception time.

Wap and Tulip are really really close. And not to mention they look a lot alike. They’re practically like twins. As I opt for very neutral and classic palette for the bride, the maid of honor acquired more leeway with colors, so she was presented with by me simple smoky eye and red lip area, so she sticks out.

Of course since this was a wedding, I needed everyone to appear to be themselves, so beauty makeup still comes to mind. It was a really blessed day for everyone. Everything fell into place. Day, which I enjoyed immensely with great food It was a work, great people, and great fun.

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