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Weight regain is not just a moral issue. One is not good if they lose weight and bad if they gain weight. Gained weight is a symptom of the metabolic disorder called weight problems. When weight is maintained and lost the condition is within remission; when putting on weight occurs the disease is in relapse. Managing the condition is our responsibility and we are offered well when seeking the support of others including our bariatric team, friends, wLS and family community.

Knowledge is power. Not long ago I heard a bariatric physician say that patients restore weight because they were not fully informed before surgery. The fact is, life after surgery is overwhelming quite. I’m positive I retained only scant items of information taught within my pre-op and early post-op recovery. What I understand now is the quest for new information day in and day trip is mandatory if I’m going to stay focused and enthused about weight reduction. The best place to learn about life after WLS is from other patients who are doing their finest — like everyone else — to make this weight reduction experience healthy and effective. It is never too late.

If we have allowed our health problem to become moral problem it is simple to suffer feelings of hopelessness. Nonetheless it is never too past due to make little changes which cause a huge difference in our life. Each new day, each new food, each new step we take is an chance to nurture our body and being.

It is never too past due. Today’s LivingAfterWLS Digest will point you to several resources dealing with this issue of weight regain after surgery. Take a short moment to find something significant for you, and complete the word on to a friend who may be feeling down and discouraged. Remember, we all have been in this together!

My, just what a journey I’ve got! I am weighing in at 185 pounds presently. What caused the gain, you want to know probably. It could be broken out into some simple things really. No exercise. No calorie keeping track of. Soon, I much longer viewed portion sizes with my dinners no. I kept directly on track with my breakfast, lunch and snacks completely.

  • Excessive Exercise
  • Simple Calorie Count
  • Breus, Michael J., PhD
  • Provides a support system that will continue steadily to peak your motivation
  • Interactive press meetings
  • Posture adjustment and ergonomic modifications to avoid extra stress on spine

= $ =p>The nagging problem, and periodic “sweet treats” at night. Now, I am a strong woman. I am also a frugal girl. And I am not going to undo the “investment” I manufactured in myself by losing 80 lbs. So this of course means the 25 pounds. The brakes need to be hit before things get worse now. The feeding frenzy over is.

Not controlling my food portion sizes of high calorie meals must come to a finish. Enough time to now work is. And act I am now. I have decided to use the Optifast products to shed this 25 lb. I have removed the meals to get back to the program I know so well again, and along the way seriously summarize the steps I will take to protect my weight reduction.