Jude Phillipa And Rules Coan Look Smitten As They Attend A MARRIAGE

They tied the knot within an intimate ceremony in London in April, before enjoying a romantic honeymoon on the Italian island of Sardinia last month. And Jude Law and his new wife Phillipa Coan looked smitten as they left a friend’s wedding reception in Highgate, north London, weekend after each day of festivities on.

The acting professional, 46, looked typically suave for the occasion in camel chino pants and an open-necked linen top, while Phillipa, 32, appeared sophisticated in a champagne-coloured satin slip dress. The Sherlock Holmes stars accessorized with a dark brown leather belt and coordinating brogues as the few left the event linking hands. Stunning Phillipa oozed style in a slinky change dress which featured a dramatic low-cut back design and ruched describing throughout the neckline.

Share Flaunting her long legs, the business psychologist completed her wedding visitor attire with a set of open-toed metallic sandals and a YSL clutch bag. The loved-up newlyweds made an appearance completely enamored with each other as they chatted to a pal while looking forward to a taxi home. The couple’s outing comes three months after they exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony at London’s Marylebone Registry Office after four years together.

Jude and Phillipa had been thought to be hosting a lavish special event in the South of France in the springtime, but it is unclear whether this materialized. The pair then going to Sardinia for a honeymoon getaway. The actor decided to shun a Hollywood guest list and the couple invited only their closest friends and family to their low-key nuptials. Jude also offers a girl Sophia, nine, with model Samantha Burke and another little lady Ada, three, with musician Catherine Harding. Jude famously released a public apology to the actress after having an affair along with his children’s nanny.

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