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Picking a theme for your WordPress blog can be a lot of fun. But it can also take up a ton of time, you could usually be using to write and promote your posts (and therefore getting to your first blog income faster). There are so many designs to check out, that it’s easy to get swept away by the ones that look awesome, but might not be great functionally.

Remember, the design isn’t just about how your blog appears. It’s about how exactly it works. And the simpler it is to get around and read, the better. Keep it simple: By the end of your day, the goal of starting a blog is to talk about content that may be easily consumed (read, watched, experienced). And unfortunately, a whole great deal of fancy blog themes get in the way of that.

Don’t get too used by crazy looking WordPress designs that bargain on legibility and usability. If a style looks good but doesn’t help you share your thoughts and engage with readers, it’s Wii theme. Responsiveness is crucial: Responsiveness identifies themes that make sure your site looks as good on a laptop, as it does on someone’s smartphone. Today, increasing numbers of people use their cell phones to read blogs and depending on your audience, that number could be 50% or more (like mine is).

Google also favors mobile-friendly websites and ranks them near the top of their organic search results. If you’re not totally sure whether a theme is mobile friendly or not, paste and duplicate the Web address of the theme’s demonstration web page into Google’s Mobile Friendly Test web page. This test will almost show some warnings.

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Does it work in various browsers? Your visitors won’t just be using different devices, but different browsers. Most theme developers rigorously test their designs across browsers, but sometimes blunders slide through. Try testing on a couple different browsers to make sure just. Supported plugins: If you’re using WordPress, the real power of your blog comes from plugins.

These are “Add-ons” to your site that gives you extra features. Make certain the theme you’re choosing facilitates all popular plugins. If you’re unsure, ask the developer. SEO friendliness: SEO, or search engine marketing, refers to how well Google and other search engines can find your details when people search for it.