Escalating The Frequent Flyer: February 2019

And now, U.S. Bank is offering their LifeMiles Visa credit card with a 40,000-mile signup reward. 3,000 within the first 120 days of card-regular membership. So why should you value LifeMiles and what exactly is LifeMiles? LifeMiles will be the award mileage money for Avianca, which is Colombia’s flag carrier.

As a relatively new Star Alliance member, they have a good award redemption chart that is valid for all Star Alliance companions. In light of United Airlines’ huge devaluation earlier this month, LifeMiles now stands among the most valuable Star Alliance mileage currencies. So what can 40k LifeMiles get you? Generally speaking, a roundtrip overall economy airline flight from the U.S. Hawaii or northern South America (eg. But where the 40k can confirm valuable is when LifeMiles offers double miles purchase special offers, which has become a quarterly promo.

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975 for a complete of 105k and you will get a free roundtrip business class flight to Europe. Therefore the 40k can get you a good start for the next award redemption. LifeMiles does not impose fuel surcharges on prize bookings, which can be booked for all those Superstar Alliance partners online. Stay away from their phone ticketing service as their agents are horrendous. One-way donors are permitted at fifty percent of the price, but mixed honors (ie.

In fact, after moving out the system, they experienced 25% to 33% processing efficiency gains and reduced time-consuming procedures that used a whole afternoon to complete into tasks that only take half an hour or less. What’s unique about Yellowfin? Real-time alerts for tendencies and sales. Be aware of sales trends and crucial changes to your forecasts via real-time alerts and notifications. Collaborative business intelligence. This tool includes collaborative BI tools that let you and your associates talk about insights throughout the business. This also offers features that let you send out, export, and email any BI content to your stakeholders.

Data storytelling options. Yellowfin will go above static graphs, tables, and graphs for data visualization. It allows users to make immersive and interactive presentations that accurately catch and highlight the key areas of your gathered data. Custom Dashboards. All companies have different priorities plus they need the usage of different types of data to manage these priorities.

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