Why Beauty Matters

These writings shed some light on why I believe so strongly that embracing beauty will matter in life. Folks have always sort of laughed at my thought of beauty. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been attracted to it – and if it wasn’t there, I was thinking about creating it.

When I had been about 10, I had been with my siblings at the home of my parents’ friends. They were showing us the yard where we could play and an old tree house. It was a little dirty, with a couple of years of dirt and leaves strewn inside. I immediately up go about cleaning it, already seeing in my own imagination how cute maybe it’s.

I keep in mind this because down the road that evening, I heard my parents’ friend telling them could immediately start clearing up. They all thought it was one of those cute/funny things about me and my father said if still left to my own devices, I’d have it all fixed up in no right time. When it came time for a new wallpaper in the dining room and living room, my mom picked it out. But she was stumped when it emerged to which color to paint the wall going up the stairs since it had a need to complement both rooms. I was horrified that these were going to visit with simple white by default – it would have looked awful.

So, I got eventually to choose (a gentle peachy pink, if you are wondering). They raised their eyebrows at my selection, but it was on the wall structure once, agreed it was a good choice, warming the space and harmonizing the two rooms. And yes, that applied all over the board, even down to little things like tissue boxes. Being surrounded by beauty is important, I argued at the right time, if not God wouldn’t have bothered to produce things such as flowers, nor would he have graced us with creativity. Dad laughed, said he hadn’t thought about it like this, but I had developed a true point.

Years later, my friends said the same thing. I hope you agree. The style is as unique to every individual as a petal is to a flower. Things I find fantastic you might find ho-hum. But as I’ve gotten older, one of the items I have found out is that even though something is probably not to my own taste or style, I can still see the beauty in it.

A lot of times, having the ability to do that means viewing something through somebody else’s eyes. I’m not big on very modern, contemporary decorating. Among my friends, however, is. And you know what? She is loved by me house. Absolutely love it, even though it’s not my taste. Partly because she’s my friend but mainly because her passion and love for what she considers beautiful shines through.

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And it’s nearly impossible to maintain in the midst of that and not appreciate it. Another friend of mine has a love of green and earth tones, with a sort of contemporary country flair. And though it’s not necessarily how I would choose to beautify, I really love her sense of style. Many people would look at a pink-dominated living room never. And guess what happens?

Even though my friends could not have such a thing, it is enjoyed by them since it is so me. By embracing what we should each feel is beautiful and putting it out there for the world to see, we have put forth part of our true selves. And folks react to it since it is authentic.