Wix Website Builder Review, Would It Is Utilized By Me?

Wix has 357 web templates within their system. These range between hunting themes to themes for design and advancement companies. Is an example of several of these styles Below. These are beautiful sites and they’re easy on the optical eyes. Most are extremely professional looking and I give Win a lot of credit for your as some website builders produce absolute JUNK. Because the editor and the ability to edit the look of the designs are limited, there is 1 truly, 000’s of individuals out with the same look and design of your website there.

One other thing that I find frustrating is that my FREE website has Wix special offers all over it. There is a Wix promo in the top right part as well as one that run along underneath of my website at all times. This is distracting to people that visit your site and will actually take away from your business if you plan on making a niche site. It does quite match up for some of the other website builders in respect to having the ability to create your OWN unique website.

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It is one domains hosting meaning that if you wished to use their service for multiple website, you would be required to purchase the service. Also, if you want to use most of the features that are available within the Wix website builder. See the “pricing” schedule below to observe how much space and domains are allowable.

It has quite an accomplished support system and there are multiple ways that you can get active support. They have a Question and Answer wiki which you can use to get answers and to “post topics” that you need help on. It has a dedicated team fielding questions that are asked associated with websites. For instance, this is a question that was replied very quickly by Andrea from the Wix team upon someone using a question about their websites. That is something that is always very important to me as I know how frustrating it can be if you are learning to create a website and you get now to help.

One thing that is lacking, is support for creating your website in a way that will lead to more business, more traffic, and more income. The Wix support is targeted on the technical aspect of the website only. Again, there are services out that give you not just the websites there, but the training, tools, community, and support you will need to run a business.

How Much Does Wix Cost? The Wix pricing varies depending on the plan. They have a free totally, but very limited option that you can use to create a free website. That is essentially your taste test of what you may expect with the web site builder. This is a breakdown of the pricing (click image to see full size).