RESEARCH shows that thousands of university graduates are actually opting to get business owners in their field of research. The study further shows that associated with not essential that self work brings in more revenue but because it comes with more freedom. A self employed doctor or attorney has absolute control of his time than one in full time employment. The biggest challenge for would be entrepreneurs is start up capital or costs, without which no business idea may take off.

Online Business Journal, AFRO-PRENEUR gathered a few business ideas from the tiny Business Opportunity Magazine that need minimal or no capital whatsoever but can assist you create enough money to “Pay up some bills”. 1. NEWSLETTER: One doesn’t need to be a genius to create a newsletter other than having a nasal area for news.

Choose something you are thinking about and write about it then local companies can place adverts in your information letter and through this, you may make “actual money”. 2. CAPTURE SPECIAL EVENTS: Video firing is now a flourishing business as CAMCORDERS have become more accessible. If you enjoy taking Videos, this is your ideal business and you can do this for special gatherings for family and friends. Imagine getting paid to take action you like?

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Recording occasions can be started immediately and all you have to is a Video Camera and some type of computer for editing and enhancing. 3. REPAIRING BYCYCLES: Advertise that you can fix bicycles in your local News paper and see what happens. Have you any idea how many bicycles have been tossed into garages and need just a little touch? If you’re a handy man where fixing bicycles is concerned, you can generate income from it then.

This can done part time or fool time. 4. OFFER DJ SERVICES: Have you ever attended a party where there is no Disc Jockey? If you can afford a simple but good audio system, this business is certainly for you. In fact, these days most DJ’s use computers to do their mixes so that it is a lot easier as there isn’t need to purchase expensive Sound Systems. 5. JUNK REMOVAL: The pressure from environment friendly organizations is forcing many dumping sites to be shut.

It’s a best part, but it has made it more difficult to eliminate a complete lot of junk. You can begin a business removing items from people’s homes and yards that they can’t be rid of themselves. Maybe your visitors have no way to haul their stuff to the dump; maybe it is overweight because of their car, etc. You do the extensive research. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICE: You help individuals set up accounts at MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and you keep up them.

7. GARAGE CLEANING: Have you any idea just how many people are battling to clean their garages? Some garages need a whole overhaul. You can offer this service to homeowners in your community and by enough time you get all the garages cleaned out and straightened up, it will be time to again start all over. 8. PET PHOTOGRAPHER: I understand this might appear funny but some individuals love their household pets. If you want animals and revel in taking pictures, consider starting a business where you picture people’s household pets. Ask local pet shops if you can display a flier offering your service.

9. TEACH YOUR CRAFT: Do you engage in a spare time activity or craft that people have told you they might love to learn? Then why don’t you start offering classes or lessons in this hobby craft? Do you make quilts, do stained glass or build small sailboats? There is probably a market to instruct this service.

10. POOL CLEANING: Do you live in an area with a great deal of pools? You could start a pool maintenance and cleaning service. Pool cleaners stop by once weekly to vacuum the pool and distribute the chlorine. 11. FURNITURE REFINISHING: Even if you’ve never done this before there are scores of books out now on this issue and a large number of magazines that coach one how to refinish furniture.