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Chip and Dan Heath are back with another book that applies cognitive science to management. that 12 months ’s Summer season concern. Their new book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work (Crown Business), looks just as promising. So when the publisher offered me a bit of Dan’s time, I used it to ask him a question: “On paper the new book, what did you guys discover about improving a company’s executive decision making?

The world is changing so fast that businesses can be disrupted any time, therefore development and sparking off new ideas for sustainable business is vital. This RSM programme supplies the latest insights into new business development and provides useful tools for implementation. The programme is inspiring, versatile and the variety of speakers contributed to a take on business development from different angles.

You can easily transfer your learnings to your company and choose it up within a minimal time. Ideation, analyses, validations is simple to incorporate in existing processes. RSM’s New Business development programme is led by faculty users with impeccable academic credentials and a thorough knowledge of business practice. Selected for their ability and experience in teaching professionals, they’ll draw on the knowledge and research to deliver a distinctive learning experience.

Occasionally we might replace other faculty users based on the content of the program and their availability. Jan truck den Ende is Professor of management of technology and development at RSM. His field of knowledge is the development process of new products in firms. His research targets organising the process of creating ideas, selecting projects, developing products and commercialising them.

Jan’s research group also grows insights into cross-organisational cooperation by researching technology in firms such as ING, ASML, Philips and Unilever. Daan Stam can be an endowed professor of innovation management at RSM. His academic research targets leadership in situations of change, like the role of command in innovation and business development.

A second section of his research is on creativity, including the ramifications of leadership on creativeness, creativity in online settings, and group creativeness. Daan also teaches creativeness and brainstorming to bachelor and master students, as well as executives. Vareska vehicle de Vrande is professor of collaborative advancement and business venturing at RSM.

She holds an MSc and PhD in industrial executive and management technology from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her research interests include open advancement and corporate and business venturing. Vareska’s research on open up innovation focuses on the use of different organisational forms for external technology sourcing, such as corporate and business venture capital opportunities, strategic alliances, joint projects, and acquisitions and mergers.

She has released several articles in leading publications in neuro-scientific open creativity management. Murat Tarakci can be an associate professor of technology management at RSM. His research focuses on disruptive improvements, strategy execution, and power. Prior to joining academia, Murat worked well in the finance division of Unilever Turkey. Combining his business and academic experience, Murat’s current research investigates how firms can craft financial methods and portfolio management tools to foster disruptive innovations. He completed his PhD degree at Erasmus School of Economics.

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Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen is the founder and CEO of Organizing4Innovation, a consultancy company facilitating professional service organisations in their development attempts. Her research concentrates on innovation in professional service companies, in particular about how to best organise creativity processes. Based on technological knowledge, Floortje developed a unique approach to invention that focuses on the development champion rather than the new service or product under development, suiting the invention needs of knowledge extensive professional service organisations.

She has taught at business academic institutions in the USA, Belgium, Russia, China. € 5,600 (excl. 21% VAT)including course materials, light beverages and dinner. This fee does not include hotel accommodation. 10% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM. More information about the discount. Our general terms and conditions apply when you register for an open programme.