Introduction To BeautyCounter + Skin Care First Impressions Review

Did you know that there are about 10,000 chemicals commonly within personal care products which only 10% of these chemicals have safety data? Did you know that europe has spent the past 2 decades restricting or banning more than 1,300 ingredients, yet the United States has only banned 11 to time? Each morning Did you know that the average girl uses at least 12 personal maintenance systems, yet the majority of these women do not know what ingredients they’re using?

It’s statistics like these that personally led me to change up my beauty and skin care routine a few years ago, this day and to, it still shocks me to listen to how little the makeup products industry is governed. This leads me to the goal of today’s post: presenting you to BeautyCounter. I’m hoping that after reading my first impressions review that you will take the time and take a look.

How do I discover BeautyCounter? It seems like it was fate! A few weeks ago, I went to a fitness expo and as I was wandering the booths available on the market, I stumbled upon a beautiful set-up protected in beauty products. Naturally, this drew my attention, although I honestly assumed that this was another standard line of chemical-filled products. Rather, Kerry – a Director at BeautyCounter and the girl manning the booth – immediately handed me a “never list” and started trying to explain to me why I will avoid these ingredients in my products.

  • Finally, the skin is made by this method moisturized, beautiful, clear, and glowing
  • Pink is not simply a color, It’s an attitude
  • Doesn’t remove waterproof mascara

Now she was speaking my language! Naturally, I spoke to Kerry about my blog and she agreed to meet up with me a week later to speak more about the series. Obviously, it’s one thing to develop a natural product, and another thing completely to develop natural products that work.

To ask that these natural products work And also have beautiful packaging is almost always asking for something you’ll never receive. But BeautyCounter was two for three with me as I learned more about the relative series. The packaging was pretty beautiful and didn’t “look natural,” but instead appeared as if something you’d find in the high-end portion of Sephora.

Now it was time to find out how the products performed. Kerry decided to i want to borrow her complete line of skin care products for a week to try things out. Wish to know what I think? Do I have to say for a third time just how gorgeous the packaging is?