USING THE Tools We Are Given

The most extensive books ever assembled for understanding the ecology of Illinois’ Natural Resources can be found to each and every one of us by sending one particular email! The Dept. of Natural Resources provides these through a project called the Critical Trends Assessment Program, with the guides serving as inventories of the resources encompassing many areas and watersheds throughout the condition. A summary of the areas below protected is shown. You should find your favorite fishing hole covered, certainly.

Most of the next watershed assessments contain a four-volume record within the area’s geology, water resources, living resources, socio-economic profile, and environmental quality. Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of these guides is that they allow us to compare the forage of varied watersheds and identify the stark differences in one region to another.

By using the internet, we’re able to apply this knowledge to your fishing experiences by simply comparing images of varied types of forage and using baits that match this natural victim accordingly. For instance, the predominant type of crayfish in one watershed is not the same as another necessarily, due to variations in bottom contents of the stream, for example a difficult substrate pitched against a smooth one.

What I found most interesting about a few of these manuals is the historical accounts of the many rivers and streams. As for charts and figures, there are more then you could ever ask for if you were to prepare a paper or make comparisons for the purpose of a conservation task.

Surely some of the best case studies found anywhere. For all those thinking about the geological structure of our state, the descriptions and technical explanations will more than likely satisfy your interest quite capably as well. Shaded Relief and Land Cover maps round out a thorough set that any serious angler should not be without.

I sent a request for just a couple of watersheds originally and quickly realized I had a need to have all of them- so save yourself some time by simply sending one Email and request most of them simultaneously. Remember, these are covered with Conservation 2000 money, so these are yours to enjoy, cost-free!

Conservation 2000 is the culmination of suggestions from CTAP, the Illinois Conservation Congress, and Former Governor Edgar’s Water Resources and Land Use Priorities Task Force. The CTAP suggestions came out of its 1994 report on the continuing state of the Illinois environment. CTAP investigators inventoried and analyzed existing environmental, ecological, and financial data to establish baseline conditions from which future changes in ecological conditions might be measured. Good luck, and be sure to let us know on the site when you get there, how you are utilizing them and exactly how you prefer them. I’m willing to bet that you will be wanting to know why you hadn’t purchased them quicker!

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