Symptom Vs. Cause In Weight Loss

Treating the symptoms to be overweight is similar to placing a band-aid with an infected wound. Learn how treating the reason as well as the symptom allows you to lose weight completely. Many people think that their eating patterns are simply habit, and they can be helped by that hypnotherapy to break that habit.

In some situations this holds true. However in many cases, the overeating is offering an objective. It alleviates anxiety Sometimes. Sometimes it provides comfort. It could provide to numb emotional pain even. Whatever the full case, it is not the vice this is the problem, but the need for the vice.

This is not saying we should disregard the symptoms to be overweight. These are definitely part of the problem and they have to be addressed; but if you treat the symptom without addressing the cause, it’s like seeking to heal an infected sore with a bandaid. It will not work; or at best, it shall work limited to a short while, and then your symptoms will return; even more rampant than before usually.

This is essentially why dieting fails. When you are on a diet, you are searching for a short term fix (whether you understand it or not), and you’re not addressing the true issue, which is your attitude towards food. In fact, food limitation sometimes exacerbates the problem because when you decide to reduce your food intake, you will probably find yourself becoming fixated on food, planning of food and what you will eat for the next meal. By attempting to eat less food, you are concentrating on food and for that reason making a paradox.

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It’s similar to stating ‘Don’t think of the Elephant! So rather than trying ‘not’ to eat certain foods, try in stead to focus on changing your eating habits. Some time ago, ‘Carolyn’ came if you ask me for help with her addiction to jelly-lollies (or ‘candy’ if you are not an Aussie). She ago described that some weeks, another hypnotherapist have been seen by her on her behalf addiction to delicious chocolate. This had worked brilliantly, she told me. Instantaneously Almost, ‘Carolyn’ lost her desire for chocolate. The only problem was, she was dependent on the lollies now.

And this, she thought, was where I would come in to save your day. Apparently I used to be to use my magic to eliminate ‘Carolyn’s dependence on jelly-lollies. At this stage, she had done no real self-exploration; she figured she had a negative habit and I would help her get rid of the habit. I suspected there may be an underlying reason behind this issue which added to my client’s need to binge on one specific food type; and on further analysis, there was. Simply Quite, ‘Carolyn’ was her own worst enemy.

A relentless exercise addict and perfectionist, she was unhappy with her body, her brain and her soul. I might add that the woman before me was a beautiful, slender, fit and smart female; only she didn’t see what I possibly could see. I knew it was useless aiming to persuade her that she was a beautiful, healthy and normal woman. Atlanta divorce attorneys light she perceived herself as unacceptable, which was that.

Nonetheless, I told ‘Carolyn’ that I didn’t believe she had a weight problem; rather that she acquired a significant body image and self-confidence problem. This is manifesting itself in extreme food and self-punishment limitation followed by bingeing on ‘forbidden’ foods. Carolyn’ pleaded beside me to try the therapy anyway.

She explained which i was her final resort, and that she was at the end of her tether. She was convinced that if she could just cease eating the lollies absolutely, everything would get into place. She ceased eating jelly-lollies! Afterwards she started bingeing on health bars Soon. The moral of the complete tale? An excessive amount of anything is a bad thing. If you take away the vice without addressing the underlying conditions that contribute to the necessity for the undesired behaviour, this will simply lead to you taking up another vice. Work from the inside out and you will get a far greater result.