Scottish Government Has Underestimated Healthcare Funding By £400m..

An economist has said the Scottish Government may have underestimated healthcare financing needs by more than £400 million. Economist John McLaren criticised the government’s recent paper on its medium-term financial framework for health insurance and social care, for what he claims is a lack of clarity. He raised concerns over “untenable” discrepancies between your government’s estimations of its future financing needs for health care and those complete in an unbiased assessment for the health care system in England.

The report state governments: “The very best like-for-like comparison shows that the Scottish Government estimate is for around 3.5% annual, cash terms, funding needs growth over another five years, as compared to around 6.7% estimated for England. “Such a discrepancy seems untenable. His evaluation here’s based on a modernisation option for England, which he promises is the best fit for the Scottish aspirations for improvement.

Mr McLaren also cast question on the forecast efficiency cost savings in the Scottish Government paper of just one 1.3%, above what he claims is the best comparison of 0.8% in the English analysis. However, in this analysis the status can be used by him quo option for England rather than modernisation, which would put both countries identical at a projected 1 approximately.4% for England. He said: “The Scottish Government’s recently published medium term financial programs for health insurance and social care do not allow for an obvious picture to emerge of future funding needs. “This confusingly shown document seems to claim that Scottish funding needs in this field are significantly below those approximated for England.

“It really is difficult to see why this would be the case. “In addition, projected efficiency cost savings are expected to be higher for Scotland than for the UK and heighten the degree of over-optimism that appears to pervade the report. Scottish Labour’s health spokeswoman Monica Lennon said: “This survey should be studied significantly by the SNP federal government.

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“If such a space exists, it could increase serious concerns about the funding of our NHS. A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Our health spending per head is over 7% higher than the UK all together – amounting to over £850 million more spending on health services for Scotland. “Our financial framework, which includes been welcomed over the service and by 3rd party experts, describes both investment in and reform of our health and social treatment sector.

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