I’m WITHIN A Weird Situation With My Business And My Best Friend’s Business. Any Advice?

I’m in a strange situation with my business and my best friend’s business. I’m in a weird situation with my business and my best friend’s business. Will it damage your business to provide it to him? If not, in my shoes, I’d probably just give it to him. Factor in the partnership too. Yep I agree here.

You don’t mind spending time to start to see the company succeed exactly like him, provided there isn’t a negative side for your own business then why not? Not forgetting he’s also a friend. A grouped community of individuals who seek to solve problems, network professionally, collaborate on projects and make the global world a better place. Be professional, humble, and open to new ideas.

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Don’t spend some time thinking of how you will respond to the person. Actively “listen” by requesting questions with the purpose of getting ultimately more information. People have a sixth sense for “gotcha questions”, which only seek to elicit information that verifies someone’s preconceived idea. This acts more to validate you than to obtain information from the person you are speaking with.

4. Be reliable and build a reputation for having good personality. Maintain confidentiality whenever possible. Don’t overreact to new information! Assess if your response will have a positive impact on the work environment. Responses based on emotions often lead to short-term gain to one’s pride, at the expense of long-run workplace relationships. Don’t gossip about others. Don’t supply the appearance that you will be gossiping about others.

Although there may be no ill objective, people grow paranoid and dubious if you are communicating with specific employees rather than others always. Don’t put others right down to raise your own “social standing”. Don’t make claims you can’t keep. Despite your purpose, this will earn you a reputation for “phony” being.

People are suspicious of those who make promises before other people and then abstain from following through at another time. This will get you a reputation to be more worried about “putting on a show” to make others think you have a good personality, than actually having a good personality. Apologize when you take action or unintentionally incorrect intentionally!

Of course you can’t always take responsibility for how people perceive your intentions, nevertheless, you can mitigate negative perceptions and earn respect certainly. To believe otherwise gives you a license to be always a repeat communication offender based on a false premise that you haven’t any control over how others think about you.