HOW COME This Given Information Useful?

On Monday, we talked about the current actuality of dwindling blogs and the increased loss of Google Reader. You can read about it in, “Blogging: THE BRAND NEW Challenge Part 1.” Today we’re talking about the way the current blog weather is forcing us to use new solutions to find readers for our blog. A couple of years ago finding readers for your site was as easy as offering a few subscribing options in your sidebar, following other blogs, and posting your posts on Twitter or Facebook.

Oh, how the times have transformed! Much like all good stuff, there may be an excessive amount of a good thing. The blogosphere became flooded with aspiring authors. Many of them saturated Twitter with promotional links. Although I love sharing other blogs, I stopped writing links on Twitter for several a few months completely.

It sensed like noise. Twitter shouldn’t be about shouting, “Buy this! Read that!” at other people. Also, at one point I needed eight different folders in Google Reader and each folder contained 20-30 blogs in it! I couldn’t keep up, and I didn’t bother trying. I would select a blog from my Facebook feed Sometimes, but I relied on Google Audience mostly.

My blog reading transformed about nine a few months ago. I no longer went to Google Reader–seeing over 1000 unread posts every time I went intimidated me. Facebook, and, sometimes, Twitter. I also clicked through pictures on Pinterest that associated with an intriguing blog post. I can’t speak for other blog readers, but are reasons I read a blog here.

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1. The author is a detailed friend. I put high priority on my friends’ blogs. It’s a great way I feel connected to them. 2. The name grabbed me. 4. It was recommended if you ask me. How do you find the blogs to read? 1. It’s linked using one or all the social mass media sites I frequent.

2. Someone I follow shared your blog, and the name interested me. Since Google Reader was eliminated, I no more sign up to a reader (with the exception of Blogger). Pinterest, or it’s written by a friend. How come this given information useful? Many bloggers halted nourishing the link with their current blog post on Twitter and Facebook. But using this method, they’re losing me as a blog reader.

I read 3-4 weblogs every weekday, and I find most of them on cultural media sites. If your site post isn’t there, I’m improbable to learn it. I expected to once i began employing this service. I can see the title, the first few sentences, and the picture for the post. The articles are easy to navigate. Pinterest is another place to find readers. Edit a stockphoto or personal photo to include a “hook” to lead people back to your site (see the picture above). If someone “pins” the image, it’s automatically connected back again to the post.

This is an easy way to tempt new visitors. Keeping social online has benefits still. By taking the time to comment on active blogs, you boost your odds of connecting with the writer, who subsequently will be more more likely to support your site too. I made so many friends through blogging–I can’t put enough emphasis on how this has added to my entire life.

As time goes by, some of your blogging friends may appear to disappear. You might even find that the majority of your “core blog friends” have chosen to spend their time elsewhere. Be open to new blog friends. There are always up and comers out there. Fiction (an organization blog written by Jennifer Major, Becky Doughty, and Heather Day Gilbert). Maintain your eyes available to what other successful bloggers are doing to increase their traffic and find readers. Avoid being scared to try their techniques! The other behind the scenes factor: SEO.

Another way to find a blog is by typing a subject in a search engine. If the internet search engine determines your blog is a match (through tags, keywords, labels–search engine optimization), your post will pop-up in the full total results. This is one reason I would recommend typing your author name in to the “tag always,” “label,” or “keyword” section. Every post you write will be related to your writer name.