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After months of research I’ve finally discovered how to recognize chinese characters mechanically from an image, in order to copy/paste the text right into a translator akin to Google translate or others. The answer was right below my eyes all this time: Microsoft Office 2007. I had no idea that Office 2007 came with such options. I’ve all the time known of costly solutions similar to Ominpage Pro, however I refused to resort to purchasing the app contemplating its price and how little I would need it.

OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition, is the principle of proceeding to the digital evaluation of an image to extract the characters/text that it comprises, with the intention to be able to govern the textual content on a computer. The answer I describe is for Pc/Windows customers only. If you’re fascinated on doing the same, actual time and in a much easier manner immediately from your iPhone, I recommend the wonderful Pleco. I’ve tried out the demo model and am severely considering purchasing the complete model. 1. Microsoft Office 2007 (although this supposedly works with Microsoft Office 2003): installed with “Document Imaging” and “Picture Manager”, each part that you would be able to choose during the setup course of.

If you don’t have these two put in in your computer, modify your Office setup to include them. 2. Chinese language support for Microsoft Office, which isn’t exactly one thing you come across simply. I’ve the possibility to work in China and we’ve got licenses for the Chinese model of Microsoft Office, so I’ve had no hassle. As an alternative you can get the Microsoft Office 2007 Multi-Language pack, and set up Chinese support as well as a bunch of other languages if you are interested.

I don’t need to remind you how you are taking pictures with a digital camera. Nor how to save lots of photos from an internet site with your favorite web browser. If you are going to make use of a scanner although, and that is probably the answer that can get you the very best results, you can probably skip the subsequent step in case your scanner helps saving as TIF/TIFF documents.

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For example this tutorial I’ve chosen to work with a photo taken with my iPhone 4S. I tried to get a clear shot of the text to make sure OCR works as precisely as potential. Unfortunately, and I have to admit I find this fairly odd myself, the software we’re going to make use of for performing the OCR does not help something apart from the TIF format. So in case your image was saved beneath any other format (JPG typically, like mine) you’ll have to transform it. There are plenty of ways to take action.

Since you might have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, it’s best to have everything it takes. The actual OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is performed by Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Open the instrument, which should be located in your Start Menu below Microsoft Office / Microsoft Office Tools / Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Before performing the OCR it’s worthwhile to specify the document language. To take action, open the “Tools” menu, go to “Options” – “OCR”, and choose “Chinese” within the drop-down list. Ok and you’re completed! The text ought to be more or less faithfully transcribed relying on the standard of the unique picture.

There are tons of translators on the market but I will stick with Microsoft Office since that is what we have been utilizing from the start. 4. You’ll be taken to Microsoft’s online translation service, which supplies a surprisingly correct translation of my authentic text. Note: the unique document IS about shady administration techniques. That’s all I had. Voila, you’ve got successfully translated a document written in one other language, based mostly on a simple photo and Microsoft Office. Ah, is not technology wonderful?

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