Black Hair And Skin Care

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It’s my firm opinion that people have a dual standard regarding this particular form of incontinence. There is a saying that will go something like this- “Nothing is good, or bad but considering makes it so.” While this is not the case for everything-torture, murder, rape, and stealing are bad-there is nothing at all intrinsically shameful about putting on diapers to bed inherently. Wearing diapers to bed following the age of four or five 5 is considered shameful because we’ve been conditioned to believe this way for years.

It would be interesting to see how other cultures experience this issue but sadly I suspect they feel the same way we do. From what I am aware the Japanese, British, & most Europeans are even more uptight about this issue. Custom and fashion dictate a lot of our behaviors. For example there is a custom that says it’s not appropriate to wear white shoes and pants after labor day.

The writer Stanley Schmidt talks about the impact of custom and fashion on our behavior in some of his writings. In a single editorial of his he discussed something he calls “phantom tyrants”. According to Schmidt: “These are impersonal makes that presumably originate with identifiable activities by specific people but undertake a life of their own, and continue steadily to dictate people’s behavior whether or not anybody would separately choose them. We realize them by such brands as “custom” or “fashion commonly.” ” The example he discusses within an editorial of his called “Signs of Respect” is the custom of men taking off their hats upon entering a building.

There are many different reasons Personally I think most parents don’t use diapers to control bed-wetting with both teens and teenagers. The next few sections discuss this. I think that one of the reasons for our negative reactions toward older children being in diapers during the night stems from attitudes left from toilet training.

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Many parents try to motivate the youngster in this stage with praise such as “we’re so proud of you,you’re becoming a big kid now! Children grow at different rates-just as some small children walk sooner than others, talk earlier than others, and figure out how to read sooner than others, during the night later than others some need diapers.

In my estimation a different strategy is warranted. The parents need to encourage their children by permitting them to know that individual’s body develop at different rates and there is no shame in using diapers to control the bed-wetting. I would remind the kid that people of most ages have problems with wetting the bed and many of them also wear diapers during the night.

A second reason behind peoples negative emotions toward teenagers still being in diapers could be the reality that parents used to use towel diapers and rubber pants because of their babies. This designed lots of work for parents prior to the arrival of washing machines especially. On this circumstance parents felt compelled to get their children out of diapers at the earliest opportunity.