ADF GoG’s Summer Solstice Walking Ritual

Welcome to the priesthood. In seminary we had whole classes – worth, you understand, full 3 credits and suchlike, serious business – about how to execute the ritual actions, keep the script directly, and function while in ritual mindset. Not easy in any way. As well as the chairs of the priestly energy still must work itself out, because everything has changed though everything is different even. All the good stuff. And all sorts of crazy stuff went down in my life, in my body, in my own mind, in my love life, all at the same time, as a result. Don’t worry. This shall pass too.

Do you think that being truly a policeman is a good career choice? What are some of the advantages or disadvantages of this profession? It’s a great choice if you want to develop a career in the long term. There’s a great deal of structure and opportunities within the police. You can also learn skills that are transferable to civilian jobs in the foreseeable future. A cousin is got by me who’s in the police and he enjoys it.

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He says the pay is good and the huge benefits and pension after a long time of service are better than in many regular careers. Do you concur that all policemen must have guns? I’m uncertain. I think it depends on where they are and what their obligations are. For the police here it’s normal, but there are a few countries where they don’t really have all cops armed. They have special equipped squads for when it’s necessary. But some countries have less armed attacks or violence than others, so I think whether or not the police are equipped is based on the neighborhood circumstances.

Some guys already have stuff collectively and are sending it for you. I’ll pick it up and obtain it to you. He says, I sure do appreciate your help. It’s all good. I just ask to keep it real beside me but all of that what you did, who you were, don’t mean shit anymore. You are in a new world now as well as your word and respect is all you got.

I listen to you man, he says. I did so more than a year in the region therefore I understand. No, I say, in the region people want to retain who they were still. All that’s dead now. Its brand new here: you can turn into a piece of shit or be cool and have your respect.

He shouts, hey, I’ll fight for my respect is not no one going to disrespect me! Well, you won’t be doing any fighting with each other with inmates but you’ll never be around one to battle, “Cell Warrior” shit is approximately all there is that don’t get no respect, not necessarily. Yeah, he says, that is not me, I was around a complete great deal of this stuff in the county.