The Way It Does Not Work?

PLEASE CONSIDER This text IS OUT-DATED Because the PINEAPPLE FIRMWARE IS No longer SUPPORTED BY The unique Author. Meanwhile, THE FIRMWARE Is also Vulnerable. PLEASE Don’t Attempt to DO IT. I Do not Support IT ANYMORE TOO. PLEASE Do not Follow THIS TUTORIAL TO SETUP YOUR DIY WIFI PINEAPPLE AS It is OUT-DATED And not Completed. A 100% WORKABLE AND Simple TUTORIAL IS Here. Wifi Pineapple is created by Hak5. It is quite expensive gadget. It’s also named as Jasager (in German).

The which means in English is “Yes Man”. Wifi Pineapple is the Wifi Access Point (AP) to answer “Yes” to all Wifi connection. If a Wifi client is looking for the SSID of Macdonld the Pineapple (or Jasager) will reply “That’s Me!”. If one other Wifi client is looking for an SSID of Starbucks, once more the Pineapple will reply “That’s Me!

From this stage you possibly can assault WiFi clients and perform Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) assaults on victims’ internet traffic! The username and password of the stock TP-Link TL-MR3020 are each “admin”. Go to the “System Tools” — “Firmware Upgrade” to upgrade from the just-downloaded .bin file. Then set the very Strong root password at “System” — “Administration”.

To allow wireless at “Network” — “Wifi”. To allow DHCP at “Network” – “Interfaces” – “Edit” – select “DHCP Client” and “OpenWrt”. Now, join your ethernet cable to the TL-MR3020. Connect your laptop to the TL-MR3020 by way of wifi and the SSID is “OpenWrt”. Enter your just created very Strong root password.

Format your USB pendrive (8GB) as ext4 and swap, e.g. 2GB for swap (sda1) and 6GB for ext4 (sda2). Then insert the USB pendrive to the TL-MR3020. Execute the next command line by line. C /tmp/cproot -cvf – . Once it boot up again, you login to it by way of sex. Make sure you restart the “Wireless” after performing. The more merely approach is to insert the USB pen drive to your computer and copy the said information to the USB pendrive from /residence/samiux/squashfs-root or /home/samiux/test by utilizing sudo command.

Any improve/update from the Pineapple will brick your TL-MR3020, so it’s good to disable it. Enter username as “root” and password as your very Strong root password. The SSID is “OpenWrt”. Uncheck Connect Automatically at the wired connection of Network Manager of Ubuntu. Then connect the CAT5/5e/6 cable to the Pineapple and your laptop computer. At the laptop, download the script.

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Now, your laptop (laptop) can entry web and can also access the TL-MR3020. Victims can even access the web once they connected to your Pineapple. There are TWO important things you shouldn’t do, otherwise, you’ll brick the TL-MR3020. Second – Don’t improve the Pineapple in the normal means.

After several days’ battle in establishing TP-Link TL-MR3020 Pineapple, I strive to test the Karma perform. However, I’ve some problems on it. For the Karma, I expected that the rouge access level that making by Karma will settle for all connections from the close by victim units when they are turning on their wifi and looking for his or her desired networks. However, my TP-Link MR3020 does not work as I expected. How it doesn’t work? I’ve a WPA2 CCMP encrypted entry level and her SSID is HelloWorld.