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If you follow me on other public media platforms (Instagram, Twitter), you would know that I’m presently in Taiwan, on my study tour! Do I’ve time to focus on any articles? But should I appreciate your support on my launch posts? So before I out flew, I’ve made sure to prepare this post one month earlier!

Schedule to create up when the clock ticks to 1st July. This range is definitely around, with the latest edition of their Push-Up Liner, however, new shades are credited to launch for both their They’re Real Mascara AND Push-Up Liner. 40/2 tones) — Two new tones: dark brown and blue. 37/3 shades) — Three new shades: brownish, blue, and purple. These puppies are supposed to be pigmented and deliver a wet-look finish off (glossy, I suppose).

Lightweight formula, and can intensely moisturize the lip area. 29.95/7 tones), is a liquid base that provides full, matte coverage for 24 hours. Defends your skin from perspiration and oil while keeping coverage and absorbs excess oil and water. Water-proof, sweat-proof, and steam-proof (huh?). 29.95), a smoothing gel primer, which smooths pores and skin for foundation application. Mascara which creates long, described, clump-free lashes. Features a micro-fibre lash-catching and formula brush which stretch lashes for an instant effect. Intense lashes close at hand, they said.

Features a volumising and moisturizing formula, along with being smudge-free. If you’re wondering if this is actually the brand you’ve viewed as you’ve pranced around at Woolworths, yes then! These are a budget brand. I am impressed with how it feels on ma lip area quite, so I would suggest you try em’ out! What do yaall think? Ulta3 is also on the go this month, launching a BUNCH of products.

When I had been taking a look at the press releases, I really didn’t know where to start.Let’s just start from the top of my interest list, so how exactly does that sound? And that concludes this month’s launches! They happen to all to be so colorful, haha! I’m really hoping to try Australis’ latest mascara, as they’ve discontinued my HG Lash Extensions mascara (best lengthening fiber mascara EVER!), so ideally the formulation will be similar relatively? Lengthening (though it states as volumizing)? Washes off with warm water? Urgh. I’m still so bummed that they’ve removed it off the shelves, lol. I want to know what you’re eye-ing!

Use treatment in applying creams over bony areas, since they may soften your skin and promote epidermis breakdown. Soiled skin can break down easily. Urine and stool have irritants in them and really should be cleaned up immediately to prevent weakening and break down of the skin surface. Avoid using talc powders, as they could support candida growth. They can also “cake up” and keep moisture in, causing skin breakdown. Calluses may form on your fat and hands.

These can be removed by soaking frequently in tepid to warm water and toweling briskly to eliminate dead skin. You should use moisturizing lotions to help soften calluses. Note that calluses may reveal a location of unwanted pressure or friction. Toe and Finger fingernails require special treatment. Soak them and rub gently with a towel to eliminate dead skin and reduce the potential for hangnails forming. Nails are simpler to cut after soaking; be certain to cut them straight across to avoid ingrown fingernails, and keep them brief for security. If ingrown nails develop, see most of your treatment podiatrist or company.

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The only way to know if your skin layer is healthy and intact is to look at it regularly. In areas where feeling (feeling) is reduced, skin inspection is essential and should become a habit. Plan it as part of your regular day to day routine, during a time if you are undressed anyhow – such as after a shower, the morning or after undressing at night before dressing in. Daily skin inspection is essential. If you’re unable to see some elements of your body, use a reflection or teach someone else to check your skin layer for you.

Long managed mirrors and other specially designed mirrors are available. Look for any reddened areas, rashes, slashes, bruises, scrapes, or indentations from seams or elastic binding. Check for blisters also, bumps, insect bites, dried out flaky skin or acne. Feel your skin layer for any thickening or change in texture, especially over bony areas.