How To Install And Use Linux Bash On Windows 10

First up, you must have a couple of things set up before we can dig into the how-to. In order to use Bash, you’ll need to be operating Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update – specifically version 1607 or newer. You can determine your version by clicking the Windows menu, then type “About your personal computer.” Choose the appropriate shortcut and look for the “Version” row. Program Files index. Type these as you complement.

Linux directories present. Spot the /mnt directory site – we’ll find Windows under there! Furthermore, you can combine “cd” claims instead of navigating one folder at the same time. For example, at the /root directory, I could have typed “cd ‘./mnt/c/Program Files” to consider me directly to the Program Files directory. There’s much more to pay – you can write Bash scripts to carry out tasks in an automated fashion, use Vi or Nano to edit documents and install utilities using the Ubuntu Apt commands. I want to know if there are any specific things you’d like me to pay in the comments listed below!

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