Today I saw a post on Twitter about 10 Men with the Capacity to Change the World. I’ve interviewed soooo many amazing women for the best Vision Podcast who is changing the world that I thought I’d post a sampler of interviews with 13 women from during the last four years. I’ve included links to each sound interview, as well to transcripts (when they’re available). You can listen to all of the interviews, plus 55 more conversations with Big Visionaries on iTunes.

Co-Directors, Women’s Earth Alliance. WEA unites women on the front lines of environmental justice causes by coordinating training, technology, and financial support. Writer of Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis by the end of Your Fork and YOU SKILL About It. Co-author of Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen, and Hope’s Edge: ANOTHER Diet for a Small Planet.

Executive Director and Founder, Global Press Institute. GPI (formerly the Press Institute for Ladies in the Developing World) uses journalism as a development tool to teach, empower, and employ women, who produce high-quality local news coverage that elevates global understanding and ignites social change. Activist printmaker and digital musician. Favianna’s radiant posters offer with issues like war, immigration, globalization, and cultural movements.

Founder and Director, One-Mango Tree. One-Mango Tree uses a reasonable trade model to provide income generating opportunities for ladies artisans in impoverished and conflict-ridden areas of the globe. Founder, World Pulse. World Pulse is a worldwide communication and mass media network specialized in bringing women a global voice. Author of The Generosity Plan: Sharing Your Time, Treasure, and Talent to Shape the global world. CEO and Creator of Raising Change. Raising Change helps organizations raise capital to advance social change agendas and helps individuals create Generosity Plans to improve the world.

Author of The Spot: Why Women will be the Market for Changing the World — And How exactly to Reach Them. Chief Change Officer and Partner, Fenton. Fenton creates issue campaigns that produce change. Founder, Dining for Women. Dining for females cultivates educational providing circles that inspire individuals to make a positive difference through the power of collective providing. Founding Artist, One Million Bones.

One Million Bones is a collaborative artwork installation designed to recognize the millions of victims and survivors who’ve been killed or displaced by ongoing genocides and mass atrocities in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Burma. Founder, Off the Mat, Into the global world. OTM uses the energy of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and ignite grassroots social change.

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Founder, Women for ladies International. Women for females International provides women survivors of the battle, civil strife, and other issues with the various tools and resources to go from problems and poverty to balance and self-sufficiency. Author, Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam. To get more inspiring stories about women changemakers, I would recommend the 5-part PBS series Women highly, War and Peace. All of the episodes online are available.

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